Hi everyone,

I just got my first Mac! (finally) It's a DP 1Ghz MDD. I also got a 20" Cinema Display, after noticing how the "experience" just wasn't the same on my old CRT.

Now I want to start playing around and make it faster. It came with 512Mb of RAM, but I noticed that my swap file was really active, so I got another 512Mb stick from OWC. Under normal (light-moderate) use, that ammount seems adequate, but I know that I'll wind up increasing it to the maximum 2Gb eventually.

The vid card it came with was the Radeon 9000, which is definitely a step down from the 9500 that I had in my PC, but after reading around a bit, it seems I might want to wait around for ATI to release the 9800 Pro AGP 4x 256Mb card. Does anyone know anything more about this topic, or think I'd be better off going another route?

I was able to install the HDD from my PC, so I have an 80Gb driveand a 60Gb drive now. Pretty happy with that for now... I'm not sure that I'll end up going the SCSI route. It seems really expensive.

Now for the silly part. I'm really tempted to follow Maestro's lead in attempting a G5 case conversion, for a number of reasons. First, I'd like better cooling. I've gotten quieter fans for my PSU, but I'd like to build an almost spookily silent tower, and the G5 seems a perfect candidate for that. I'd also like to at some point either try dropping in a DP 1.42 card, if one were to be found, or get a 3rd party CPU upgrade... although it seems like that might not happen.

Thats about all I can think of at the moment, but please let me know what you think. I'm not yet completely done with the metamorphosis into a mac user, but it's been almost painless. My roommate has noticed a certain increase in smugness from my side of the dorm room, though wink