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lol, I'm an idiot. Man, do I feel stupid. I have no idea why I thought it was this month...

Well, I guess there's no secret anymore :unsure:

I have a G4 gigabit ethernet with a dead power supply. I'm installing the original PSU from my dual 867 MDD which I replaced with the 'quieter' one from Apple's replacement program (it was no quieter, the original was fine to begin with). No big deal here - it's been done before. But then I decided to install an ATX Intel motherboard with a P4 dual core pentium with hyper-threading in this G4 case.

Now I know there's a lot of sighs, eyerolls, and disbelief out there, but I'm truly a devote Mac man. I want to want to run Tiger on this beast! Actually, I hope to make it dual boot. I do web design on the side and need a PC for testing purposes only.