Take the 200gb iPod Nano idea! (The recent tease) Can that little adaptor that goes from the Micro-drive to the iPod circuit board be turned into either a 44 pin mini ide or a standard 40 pin ide? There are compact flash adaptors that do this. Build the ipod into the front of an external hard drive case and you'll have a 100gb+ stand alone music server for under $100.

I can't seem to google a Female to Female compact flash adaptor but it seems tome thats all thats missing. You could allways just use wires. The challange will be power for the iPod. The hard drive can take its power from the external case like normal, but what voltage does the iPod need? Keep in mind that the adaptor is being used backwards, so to speak. The iPod will be SENDING power to the 4 power pins on the side of the adaptor, should be OK just don't plug anything into them!

This would rock!

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