So nothing on the primary hard drive bus (Ultra ATA) on my Sawtooth is mouting. All was fine earlier today, but then I swapped some hard drives.

I pulled the 10GB, 5400RPM drive it was booting from, after cloning it to a 20GB, 7200RPM drive. I set the jumpers on the 7200 to master, and attach it (and a 160GB drive for storage) and it doesn't boot.

Reseting firmware doesn't do anything, so I boot from an OS9 CD and tell it what drive to boot from, it's probably just a bit confused. No dice, drives don't mount. Drive Setup doesn't recognize them, nor does Disk Utility on an OSX install disc.

So I try moving them to the bus that the optical drive is on. It boots. Fine.

My question is how likely is it that my Ultra ATA bus is fried? I'd like to not have to put the hard disks on the same bus as the optical drive, but right now, that's the only bus working.

Anybody have any experience with this? Thoughts? Ideas? I'd really appreciate hearing them.