I wouldn't give up this computer, and I have an old iMac that I suppose I could use, but I would need to put more RAM into it. I was just hoping there would be some way to do it on my primary machine, and I'm not giving up hope. I have a friend who just hacked his iBook G3 (solid white with opaque keyboard) to run while closed, so he could use an external screen effectively, so I think this could be done. It may be more work than it's worth, but oh well. As far as why, there are still apps that I use that haven't been ported to OS X, and running them in classic is, well, inefficient. And since the processor in this 'Book is only 1.33 GHz, I can't really keep it running in the background all the time, which would make it less inefficient, but still... OS 9 was a great OS, safer in many ways than OS X, and I really think Apple should keep that in mind.
Cheers! :-)
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