Well a client brought in his laptop to be serviced and well the whole LCD and mobo was dead. He bought a used thinkpad that was much faster and I transfered all of crap over to it. Anyway I took the broken laptop home and striped it down. I took the DVD drive and the HD. I used the HD for a external backup device. I took off the front face of the DVD drive and then took apart my iBook. It took me three hours lol. I wanted to be carefull not to break anything. I got the old 24x CD-ROM out and hooked up the DVD. Before I tested it I put it all back together. Well I fired it up and theres a drive conflict. The HD and DVD are bot set to master whistle
So as we speak i'm trying to build up straegh to take the iBook back apart to change the dip switch on the DVD.
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