So, as some of you know, I have decided to go ahead and build a PC for Windows gaming. I think it would be wicked-awesome if I could build it into an Apple case of some kind. I have been told that the late G3 and all G4 cases are not worth buying unless they have the power supply still inside, but is it possible to modify a regular ATX power supply to fit accordingly? Because I know that a G3 or G4 case would be selling for a LOT less than a G5. There are fewer people like me who think they're as pretty as the G5. I have found some candidates on eBay, and they are all without power supply. The two G5s are from We Fix Macs as well, which I thought was cool, because they have a store very near where I live. Maybe I should go over and see what they have in the way of cases there that have been scrapped for parts... But I digress. So, knowing that the total level of expertise on this site dwarfs my own, what do you all think?

Here are those candidates:

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