Hi everybody !

I'm newbie here, so please be indulgent if I posted this on the wrong forum or I did not found a topic related to my question… any mistakes will be gladly corrected !

so, to come to the point, it's all in the subject or almost.
I have a g3 500 Mhz Ibook who has a problem with its video circuit (I guess, I tried to change screens with no result whatsoever) : the LCD 12" screen works just fine, but the computer seems unable to send any image on it. when I plug in an external screen on the appropriate plug, it work just fine, though.

so my question is : I'd love to turn my LCD screen I took off my old Ibook into an external screen I could use a a second screen with my other Ibook (G4 1 Ghz). Having 2 screens for your Ibook on the move, what a mod, wouldn'it ? :P

any suggestions, written in easy english (speak slowly, english is not my mothertongue ! blush ) on how to do thos would be mostly welcomed !

Thanks in advance and :woohoo: for the work you guys do here ! :kiss: