As you may have guessed I Iverclocked my QS 733 up to 800Mhz, Not a big leap I know but a little zippier and it took about 15 mins from start to fnish so i was quite happy.

I will also be doing another cooling mod guide shortly ( need some MORE pics!) cos I thought as I have OC it I might as well overcool it too!!

Basically I put a cover over the holes that are behind the 120mm Case fan (on the case side) which basically forces the air out of the case and not into the plastic housing. As a side effect this may have increased the temp of the 2 HD's below the fan (there are ventilation holes for them on the case) but as far as I can tell by only 1-2 Deg C, so no biggy there.

I also cut out the metal fan guard on the PS and the metal grillwork on the inside of the back of the case where the 120mm ejects the air.

This has caused a MAJOR increase in the output of air out the back which never seems to get hot and only just warm (will have to test on a 40 Deg Day here in OZ!)

but along with my zip2hd cooling mod I think its still pretty quiet. I can still hear my HD's.

I still have the stock fans too.

BTW is there any way to get the temp of a stock 7450 cpu without sticking a probe in it?