I am in a dilemma. I'm a Mac lover but I'm also a Windows gamer, and currently, I have no x86 machine. I'm fairly confident of my ability to build an x86 machine that will run the cracked version of Tiger, and theoretically, that would be able to dual-boot Mac and Windows. Or, I could wait until 2006, and see if the Mactels will do the same. I know they can run Windows without emulation, but I don't know about dual-booting. I would hope that Apple would be nice enough to support that, but considering their marketing strategy, most likely there would not be any, and I'd have to go with whatever VPC becomes. It will be faster, of course, because no processor emulation will be needed, but that's also more money down the drain; Windows is 'spensive enough by itself. So please, give me the benefit of your insight. I'm so tired of arguing with myself...

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