Yes! Great find! Thanks!

This definitely puts me on the right track -- in fact, I have that USB --> Serial adapter in a box somewhere from when I had an old Palm handheld I needed to hook up.

I will study this BlueCabbie info with great interest.

Thanks again!

-- EDIT --

OK. I'm confused. Matrix Orbital makes USB (as opposed to serial) displays, i.e.:

So hooking it up won't be a problem. But in the pdf for that product, it says the following:

A standard B type USB header is provided on the display for USB communication. The USB cable provides power and data to the display. There are two ways of communicating to the display. Under Windows, the user will have direct access to the display drivers or create a virtual COM Port (VCP). With the VCP, a new COM Port gets created in Windows. Under the control panel the user can set all the options for the USB device, including speed. Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP drivers have been tested. VCP drivers are also available for Apple OS-X, OS-8, and OS-9. Linux drivers are available as well, but have not been tested by us, nor will Matrix Orbital be able to provide any support for them.
For more driver information please visit

So once I hook it up, sending data becomes my problem. Any ideas?

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