Well I was bored yesterday so I went and gave my crew a scare by stoping by. I went to do a invertory check and noticed we have way tomany old ass parts. You know it's bad when you find a few 286 and 386 motherboards sitting in there lol. After 3 hours of shifting though the parts on what to toss out and what to keep I noticed I have a lot of overstock. Before my crew found out that a lot of new stuff wasn't on the inventory manafest I quickly added it.

I took the old parts to the front and told my crew take what you want the rest is trashed. You would be surprized on what they took. I end up tossing out 7 big boxes of parts and 13 cases. I kinda hate tossing out cases but theses were like old XT PS\\1 and PS\\2 IBM cases.

Tomorrow im going to go though the software locker.
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