Hi everyone! Been a reader for awhile but this is my first post!

I recently started a project of converting a Powerbook to a media center that would stay attached to my entertainment center (would like to use CenterStage as interface). I got the idea when I just got tired of plugging my Powerbook into the TV to watch my downloaded TV shows(lazy whistle ).

So my question is, what are the bare bones essential parts of the Powerbook that I would need? Currently I have from a 12" Powerbook:
[*]1.33ghz logic board DVI
[*]DC to DC board
[*]Inner Frame
[*]Heat Sink

Now the obvious parts needed would be ram, hard drive, and DC In Board. Don't need the battery and the modem nore the speakers. Don't need a display but a touch screen would be nice wink .Probably should put in a superdrive. So what else can I exclude to get a working system?

Any and all help/info is appreciated!


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