Yes, recycle. There's one just down the street from me and to tell you the truth, it's easier for me to dump it in their lap. But I wanted to see if anybody could turn it into a computerized coffee maker or something.

OK. TCPmeta, I've got you down for the case.
You know, you could put the parts of a water cooler in it.

I'll wait a week or so and see if anybody really has any creative uses. If not, I'll take it out back and strip the parts, weigh the ones people want, and figure out how to ship.

By the way, it includes about(?) 112mg of RAM (the old kind) and a 128TwinnTurbo PCI video card (no longer supported, the company went under) 4GB Hdrive, 2x or? 4x AppleCD burner, floppy drive.