Hi all,

Yesterday I pulled out the CPU intake fan as the screws holding it in were a little too close to the Heatsink for my liking so I cleaned the fan and did the zip tie mod to hold it securely.
Anyway I digress..... Before I reinstalled the Fan I had a look at the part of the MOBO that is hidden under the fan shroud and was quite surprised to see 2 sets of holes ready for a pin headers marked as "USB Port 2". I was wondering if this would function if I soldered a pin header in there (probably a rightangle one) and connected it to one of the PCI expansion slot brackets?

See my pic below and let me know your opinions? Its Circled in blue and other USB is circled in red
On the other hand it might be easier and simpler to buy a usb 2.0 and firewire combo card?



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