Not to take anything away from maestro and his amazing Frankensteinian G4 in a new body project, I have some questions. I'm not really a modder. That said, I've actually tried to do some of the things I've read here and elsewhere. I've read the "Blow hole" mod, and it makes sense but I'm not ready for that yet. I have a QS G4 with added drives, and new proc.

I cut out the PS fan finger gaurd and removed the speaker. I zipped tied some screen door mesh on the backside of the speaker hole to keep the large dust bunnies and moths out. And I took out the main fan housing and put some cloth type double sided electricians tape on the parts that contact the case to reduce noise.

I downloaded "Temp.Monitor" a couple of days ago and the only sensor readings I get are from the original IBM drive that came with my machine. Currently it's bouncing back and fourth between 39C and 38C, but I know three nights ago it got up to 42C.

By the way, is a fan kicking in to cause the updown of the temps? And are those temps generally OK? Is there a way to check the temps on the other items without buying some gaget? The only other thing I can check is the general air temp comming out of the PS fan with a digital thermometer.

I have a Sonnet Duet dual with it's own heat sink fan, and three other drives (two of which are in a SATA raid).

I was thinking of adding a new, beefier and hopefully quieter Main fan. I think its the 120. But I'm not sure if I need to.