Ok, I have 13 Cube systems that I got from a client. He got me to install 14 PCs in his office. I kept the 13 Cube systems. Anyway I striped them down and built 8 fully loaded systems. Heres the specs, each one has the same specs.

G4 450Mhz
20GB hard drive

The guy that had theses upgraded them 6 months ago and then found out the company he was contracted to used PCs and couldn't share the work. Anyway my idea for theses is to make a 8 node cluster server. So in all the whole system will have the following specs.

3072MB ram
3600Mhz (3.6GHz)
160GB drive space

Ofcorse all of them will run with out a monitor but the main system. I don't know if MacOS X support clustering so i'm going to use FreeBSD. Tomorrow im going to go buy a shelf unit for them and clear off a spot on my desk for another monitor, keyboard and mouse. If I can i'll use the airport for networking them so I won't have a mess of ethernet cable everywhere.Also i'll have to end up buying a external DVD+RW so I can back stuff up once a week with it. Sadly I won't have it here at the house. It will be in my office at work as a server. Yet I can get rid of my huge very outdated SGI Indigo R3000.
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