heh, I shouldnt be up for consideration in this category. my proximity to damaged machines is way high on a daily basis. At work we've had monitors arc with bolts of electricity, cracked CRT's hard drives burst into flames, shards of glass, plastic and metal, etc. I open a new wound probably every week, courtesy of sharp case edges or solder points. So, that we're gonna leave out.

Best I've done so far was when I was cutting airbrush mask on an ipod backplate. my brand new x-acto blade hit a nick in the metal, and jumped, my forward motion and proximity caused me to slice open the skin on my right thumb palm side, between the basal knuckle and the center one. I went clean through the skin. Luckily, I managed to miss everything else.

Now, imagine a moron like me, my hand wrapped in paper towels, driving to the hospital with my hand above my head, smoking a cigarette, bleeding everywhere. I didnt know I could make a u-turn while driving with my knee :silly:

Anyway, long story short, they washed it out, sealed me up with derma-bond skin glue, (irrational phobia of needles, stitches were not happening) and gave me pain killers. I was one handed for 3 weeks while my skin pulled together. Now, I have an inch long scar, and some minor tissue buildup around the wound.

The morals? 1)Always cut away from yourself. 2) even when cutting away, wear cut proof gloves. 3) when putting a new blade in your knife, give yourself a tiny prick, and taint the blade. Once it's had blood, it usually wont strike again. :evil:
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.