Well lets see here. I've hurt myself plenty of times while trying to mod a PC.

Once I got shocked with a 68watt power supply from a xbox while trying to move my mod chip around.

Had a shelf fall on top of me when I was trying to fit a mobo into a a home built case. Don't know why the shelf fell over. I didn't even touch itlol.

A air compressed saw got caught on some metal and twisted the hell out of my hand.

Got burnt countless times with a sodier iron.

Steped on a pair of curved needle noses plyers when i went to go take a break from working on a laptop mod.

Stabed myself with a hobby knife when I got a kller shock from a car battery. That happen from when I installed a car alarm and a charger for my laptop in my car and I was triming the electrical tape with the hobby knife.

Almost lost three centermeters of my left thumb on a sharp ass chunck of metal from a computer case.

Heres my fav. Modifying a power cable from a boombox to work on my PS1. I was using a razor and sliped that caused the ravor to cut into my index and thumb about 1CM. One of my friends watch me do this and said "holy cow dude!" I just went and grabed a few bandaids and whet into the bathroom and I put on the bandaids. Well the blood wouldn't let the bandaids stick to my skin so I called blake to grab the elec tape. I put on a fresh bandaid then wraped the tape on. When I pulled the tape so it would break off blood squrted out onto the mirror. I thought to my self "I've had worse" meanwhile blake was puking his guts out.
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