In the past i've tryed to make a 5disc CD-ROM drive out of a old Sony 5disc player. Worked but it involed replaing most of the electronics with a CD-ROM guts. Sadly I couldn't find a way for it to change discs.

Another mod I did once was a car AM/FM/CD player in my PC. But it was used for listening to music while playing Counter-Strike with out having a MP3 player in the background slowing down the system. Just used the 12volt power lead and gound from the power supply and used a cable that had RCA audio on one side and a standard headphone jack on the other side.
Used the Lin-In on the soundcard and added a wire from the CD player to the case for the antenna. Only one bad thing about this. The CD player is wider so I hade it sitting on it's side in the drive bays. I used a chunk of cardboard that matched the color of my case to close of the gap.

Other then that I have no idea.
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