Hey group,

I've got an interesting problem that is (currently) beyond my technical expertise.. I'm sure you've all seen in Tiger that the Geometry section of the Displays Preference Pane is only available when using certain ATI cards. Specifically, the ROTATE button is missing on my g5's using nVidia gForce 5200 Ultras (3 machines).

What I need to be able to do is somehow unlock that rotate feature - the cards should be able to handle the load, nvrotate is available for windows as well as linux/unix (xfree86) driver packages for the card in question.

Apple forums netted me the answer of "It only works with ATI, if I told you why we'd both dissappear" type of responses. I'm just too stubborn to fall in line and recommend purchasing new cards - especially since one of the 3 machines is brand new!

Any suggestions or assistance with this one would be appreciated.