NO, I am NOT speaking of the U2 iPod. I'm talking about the short-lived black-faced 3G iPod. The U2 is 4G, and there was never a 3G version. Now, of course, there's a 5G (Photo) version of it. But n-e-ways, just search google for "black iPod" and that ad picture from the box will come up, and you'll plainly see that it's not just "an iPod in the dark." It's black. You can't create that effect with just shadows: believe me, I've tried. And I distinctly remember these black 3Gs. They even had 'em at Fry's for a while. And does anybody have any idea why my pic won't load?

In addition, I just found in an article somewhere yesterday (I don't remember where now) that Toshiba, maker of the iPod HDs, just released a 40GB HD the same size as the current 20GB one. So I think my problem is part-way solved now. All I need to do is get my hand on one of those drives.

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Here's a link to a similar article, about the same thing:

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