so i recently was given an old imac. i mean really old. like one of the first models they put out. its pretty much useless for me. honestly, i have to say im not really a fan of macs. im more of a pc guy. but i was thinking about what i could use this obsolete computer as. several ideas came to mind, including an anchor for a boat, a projectile for a catapult, os a paperweight. but then i though, hay i wonder if i could turn it into an xbox. i was thinking maybe i could take out all the hardware except for the screen. replace it with xbox parts, rig the screen to be like the tv and the speakers to do audio, and replace the cd drive with an xbox dvd drive. i would also have to somehow cut holes for controler ports, but im sure that wouldnt be impossible. now im not familiar with mac techie stuff. i have a general knowlege about pc hardware and stuff, but i know nothing about macs. and obviously people here know more than me. i was wondering if, first of all, its even possible to do this. i know it would probably be complicated and stuff. second i wanted to know if anyone tried something similar to this and has any advice on it. anywho, if you bothered to read this thanx. and if u respond with something constructive, thanx again. um ya. adios