not to be confused with those asking whether an ibook display could be used as a second monitor, i wish to know whether an ibook g3's logic board could be rigged to have its primary output (that which is fed to the lcd display) wired to either a dvi output, or ideally in my situation to be able to take a second vga monitor...

i am under the understanding that it is a digital feed sent to the monitor, im just wondering if my allready headless ibook can run without its crummy lcd..

then i can recoup some $$$ from its now un-needed slot loading cdr/dvd, the case, and the 14' screen, and get myself a mac-mini in the process?

i am in the process of putting the ibook in its own case to 'harden' it for road use (im a musician and i actually find the ibook g3 900 with 640mb ram - i want over a gig too - adequate) im googling for adapters to get my hp lightscribe in it for dvdr support and with the added plus of burning cd graphics, and i shall be using the origingal hdd untill i can get something larger..

my intentions are to get it in a flight case/home made tough-case, ideally without the lcd
so as to reduce the size of the end mod to something more cube-like/mini-like.

oh and hi,

new to your site, looks a good resource!