I just bought a B&W today. Won't get it untill next week but here are some mods i'm planing to do.

The system is comming with 128MB of ram. I'm going to max it out ofcorse. Also it has a 6GB SCSI Drive. That is going to be replaced with a 80GB SCSI Seagate drive. Also im planing to add some extra harddrives also. Have my self a seven SCSI drive chain, the drives will vary in size. Also i'm going to try and locate a video card Most likly ATI or nVidia video that has alteast 64MB of VRAM for it.

Enough with the typical upgrades time for mods.
ATX 550watt Power supply convertion.
Car Cig lighter (yes I smoke)
120mm fan for the system to breath better.
Make the case clear and all a lot of lighting.
Gut out as much metal as I can to make the system light weight.
Paint the Metal a satin black with red gloss spackel finish.
Add converted DDR memory heatsinks to the memory SDRAM modules.
If I have enough room I can add a small PSOne LCD screen to the front or side of the case.

Most of theses mods won't be done some are ideas some are not.
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