maestro wrote:
Ive looked it up and it seems they are in fact interchangable. I wonder if it has to do with the
front panel board? If it powers up your GB board, it should be ok. What cpu are you using?
Maybe the combination of cpu, hard drives, etc. is too much. This is more difficult than it
should be, but isnt everything? :side: We will figure this out. Whitlock, we need your help!

I'm using the same 867 Quicksilver CPU I was using on my overclocked GE board.
It has 12v connected to the fourth standoff dropout.

I don't completely discount everything, but it should all work.
There are processor upgrades which require a 12v power addition from a molex connector ( in particular, upgrades which are compatible with both QS and DA machines ).
QS machines supply the power via a cpu standoff, but it can also be supplied through a power cable.

Well, I'm home now, so I'm going to tinker some more.

And, yes, the more heads in this issue, the better.

BTW, the power supply in the machine this board came from went bad, but an Apple Tech stated the board is still good. I'm starting to wonder, tho. I don't believe the seller would have any issue refunding me, but I just hate the hassle.

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