Well, I replaced the Gigabit Ethernet logic board in Frankintosh with a Digital Audio logic board ( 2nd revision,originally with a 733mhz CPU ), and pressing the power button gets me nothing. No light up, nothing. No power at all.

I'll mention now that it still powers up with the GE board.

AFAIK, both the GE and DA use the same power supply and pinouts.
Also, AFAIK, this new logic board is good.
So, the only issue I can think of would be the power button itself.
The plugs from the power leds are the same between the two machines ( by the looks of the socket on the logic board ), but mayhaps the pinouts are different?

Does anyone know for certain or have any other ideas?
I also recall there being some differences between the 1st and 2nd revisions of the DA, so I'm wondering if the PSU connector on the logic board isn't slightly different, maybe similar to the Quicksilver's pinouts.

BTW, I'm also using the CPU from a Quicksilver, an 867 clocked to 933. I had it working well in the GE, by way of an extra 12volts, taken from one of the hard drive power supply plugs.
I've tried booting from the DA board with the extra power supplied and without. No dice.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, I'm not doing this in a Digital Audio G4 ATX, but a custom case.
I don't know that it would make any difference, but I've encountered stranger things.

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