I myself use XLINK and use the Kai service within my WRT54Gv3 router. Great for playing Halo 2 online. Then again, my Xbox is hacked to godly hell. Running XBMC as the dash and have THC Lite as the backup dash, then Evox. Running FTP on it as well for backup purposes and the 80gb drive I stuck in there is nearly full.

Going to stick a 120gb drive, put in a Samsung DVD aftermarket hacked drive, and possibly an Xecuter 3 chip with a display in there. Deff. the 120gb drive first, then the Samsung DVD drive. My stock Phillips is dying, and won't stop ejecting. I got it to work now, but something is off with the tray, so it's only good for booting my "oh crud" DVD for restoring programs when an XBMC upgrade fails.

I've never used Live. XLINK REPRESENT!
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