I have finally got on xbox live. Because of my situation, I am in my mothers basement. NO TV! So I needed to figure out how to rig it. Here is how it went: I ran the xbox rcas to my Pyro A/V link and the firewire to my g4 and rca audio out to the macs audio input. So now its hooked up. I use BTV software (demo, but it for 20 bux, its awesome) to run the hardware inputs through software and finally to one of my MAGs and to my speakers. It works! Its a temporary solution. I do own a 52" HDTV, but its at home if you get my drift. Anyway, im looking for players, my name is "maestro0428." Look for me on the battle fields or post back and we can hook up. That means you krusher, time for some Halo 2 Live!

Also, heres my new temp set up in the dungeon.