Ok, I have never painted a Apple system or a plastic case before. I have here a iMac I want to paint to make it match my PCs. The color theme I use is Black and Red.What is the best way for paint to stick to plastic? Do I use primer then do a light sanding then go with 2 coats of color then a coat of finish or what? I'm use to using car paint on cases since I mostly paint ATX cases that are metal. I don't want to end up having paint cipping off on me lol. Oh, also what is the best thing to use to clean the caseing before prep?

Heres my idea for the paint scheme.
Paint the facing (striped part around the monitor) red then use a black crackle finish. the rest of the case is going to be black. The apple logo will be painted gold and red. Red on the apple and gold on the stim of the apple. I'm thinking to replace the speaker covers with a black cloth that has a red tint in it.Also i'm thinking to change the LED on the power switch to red or maybe even change the whole switch out with a skull logo on it. Also paint on the front where it says iMac to say Evil iMac or Bad Apple.
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