I have gone though two iMacs in two weeks. The frist one was a G3 350MHz slot load system.
I killed it after upgrading it. The monitor started displaying werid colors and then died. I got another iMac but the older Rev A system that has a tray-load. The CD-ROM goes nuts when I use a burned CD. I cracked open the iMac Rev-A and noticed it uses a diffrent setup for the CD-ROM. I did some research and found out you can have two drives on the harddrive's IDE but you need a extra power supply and a real long IDE cable and run the device externaly.
Since the newer iMacs use the same connections for the CD-ROM and harddrive I was planing to copy the part from the iPC mod for the CD-ROM but ofcorse it will be external. I can't seem to find the points to sodier the +5V and the Ground to the CD-ROM. If I can get this working i'll try this to a 4x DVD Drive that I pulled from another iMac a while back. I may also
make a mod that has several drives connected to the system. Like for a example a external box that will have a old 250watt AT power supply, 40GB drive for backing up, DVD drive and also a older 100MB internal Zip Drive. I can have all of them connect to the same IDE controller but can't run them at the same time. I will only beable to power one at a time. but if I want to use say the zip drive but the DVD drive is on I will have to reboot the system and quickly flip a switch to turn off the zip and turn on the DVD.

I know this may sound confusing or lame but it gives me something to do.

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