I have a Blueberry iBook for sale.
It's transparent and transparent blue ( the white inner-shielding has
been removed , so you can see the inner workings ).

It also has a glowing Apple.

It has been clocked to 400mhz, and runs without any issues ( I'll guarantee it )
It also has an ATA66 60GB, 5400rpm IBM Travelstar hard drive with a 2mb cache
And the RAM is maxed out to 544mb
The CD ROM works well, with no issues.

The machine also comes with a 56k v90 modem and 10/100 baseT ethernet.
The battery holds less than an hour charge, but the iBook will come with an ac
adapter ( a more compact model than the yoyo adapter.

The machine runs OS X v10.3.9 quite nicely, and I've used it quite a
bit with Appleworks, MS Office 2004, Safari, and iTunes. I've also
played DVD video on this machine, using Video Lan Client ( which
requires the installation of a DVD drive, or transferring the DVD
video to the hard drive via ethernet )

$400 plus shipping.
That's a dollar per mhz, not too shabby.

For tade, I'm in need of either a Gigabit Ethernet or Didgal Audio G4 logic
board ( if it will work with a GE power supply ), which I'd take with some additional cash.

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