Heya maestro, I would try ebay, look at this link:


so, for $70, (including shipping!), you can get some CAS 2.5 RAM with warranty. Not too shabby, just FYI most Macs like CAS 3 speed RAM, lil slower but more compatible, I have some CAS 2.5 in my G5 and it screams ;-)

Typically most popular Mac stores sell G4/G5 compatible 1GB CAS 3 RAM sticks for around $125 so you can pick up 2 sticks = 2GB on ebay for almost the same price . . .

Wherever you do end up purchasing it just make sure there is an adequate return/refund policy, I have know some Mac stores to sell incompatible Mac RAM too so protect yer-self wherever you buy it from.

Hope this helps,
Mad Mac Modder