Hmm. That one looks pretty nice. I was going to use a single high power supply for both machines, but at that price and those dimensions, I could get easily get two in there.
I had originally planned to use an out board PSU at 500 or 600W to power three or four of these rehoused G3s. Since the Beige takes an ATX supply, Its a simple matter of making up a splitter harness to power more than one at a time. My plan was to fold the cases out of sheet metal as I needed them. Since these boards are cheap, I could then add more to my rack as I wanted. Thing is, when a friend of mine offered to make up the cases for me in exchange for a cheap hard drive, he brought me cases made of 3mm polished aluminium, folded beautifully and welded up to boot (I had planned to use simple brackets to reinforce the corners)!!!
I then realised that I couldn't make any more this good, I couldn't ask him for any more free ones (he did them at work at had another guy weld them for him), I probably couldn't afford to pay him to make any more, and I really don't need endless racks of G3s anyway. Hence the new plan.....

Thanks for the responses guys. I was starting to think along the lines of a server supply of some sort, but I hadn't even thought about Micro-ATX.