krusher117 wrote:
Are these the kind of keys you are talking about?

Also, can you be more specific about what the "typewriter light" is?

Yes, those are the kind of kyes i'm talking about.

OKay, so you know how on the back o fthe monitor (The top of the powerbook, when it is closed) is the "Apple Logo?" YAnd you know how it lights up when the powerbook is on, right? I want it to replace it with a "Typewriter logo" that would look something like this, but much more customized, and more of a "Lighted Outline"

This whol project was sort of inspired by the comic book TRANSMETROPOLITAN, the stroy about a rouge journalist in the future, who's "Typewriter" is a high-tech laptop with typewriter keys.

Thanks guys, any more suggestions?

(Yeah, and it looks like affiixing the keys is going to be a pain in the ass. it also looks lik ei'll have to make a fair share of custom keys. This is going to be a bitch.