(Reposting because I posted it in the Desktop forum by mistake.)

Howdy! I'm new to not only Mac, but Mac modding - And I'd like some vetran help with a prospective project before I start pouring money into it.

My plan is to make a typewriter case mod for a 12" Powerbook. This project is a collaboration of two major modifications:

1.A keyboard mod in which all of the standard keys are replaced with old (1940's black, round with silver edges style) typewriter keys.


2.Replacing the "Apple Light" on the back with a "Typewriter light," in the shape of an old-style typewriter.

Not knowing much about the hardware or modding community, I wouldent know where to start. THe main information I'd like to know is as follows:

Where woud I buy a replacement "back" for the screen, wherre the apple light is? (So I can build the new one.)

Where can I find a replacement keyboard, so I can keep the origional parts if I want to convert it back?

Is it difficult to replace the keybaord, and do you think it's possible to replace the key's without putting the monitor at risk?

Thankms for your help guys. I just haven't been able to find these answers on my own.