Okay, if you want something more impressive than a solid color, then its up to you to come up with a brilliant idea for making it happen. As is obvious, the best part of some mods isnt because it's easy, but because it's hard. My main point is that some things can be considered too hard in terms of their aesthetic return.

As to whats different between the ibooks and the Ti's, uh, everything. Literally. iBooks are encased in plastic, where as the ti's are a combination of metal and plastic. The iBooks have shells that come off easier, making them easier to prep, paint, and clearcoat, whereas the ti's are more complex due to the nature of their assemby and construction. the ti's by nature, do not lend well to modding, in my experience. The few that I've done were by far, more work than any iBook I've ever painted, just because of their construction. Hence why iBooks seem to get modded more often. But thats my experience.
Electricity tastes good. No, seriously.