While generally fiddling with my quicksilver 2001 733mhz in an attempt to quieten it (successful too) I got to thinking about putting a fan controller on the unused zip slot at the front to save crawling around on my knees at the back in the dark. Next thought is that some of these also have plugs for usb2.0 and firewire eg Vantechttp://www.trianglecables.com/nxp-101.html. I have a usb2.0 pci card bought for just a couple of dollars on ebay, which has an internal contact I can tap into, but what of firewire? The stock contacts in the machine are soldered of course, can they be unsoldered and tapped without wrecking them, and more generally can firewire just be doubled up passively, ie making 2 from 1?
Maybe the easiest solution would be a new pci card with both usb2.0 and firewire, with internal contacts for both, which could be led over to the front controller. I was a bit fast off the mark buying a pure usb2.0 card.
Grateful for any contributions,