Well, first of all Apple rates ram on whats available. 512mb of ram didnt even exist when Apple\\
introduced the clamshell. Usually the latest amounts are accurate becuase of what the
controller can support. Thats a biggie! My mdd G4 will not take more than 2 gigs no matter
what. Take it as it is. Feel free to try if you can find a friend with ram for tests. Im curious too,
I have a Rev A.2 clamshell. As for the a clamshell take a part, piece of cake! Yeah, people say
its tough, but ive taken mine apart and reassembled it with no problemo. Thats how you learn!
Take some digital pics and bag parts, it helps. The logic board itself will work. You have two
choices, mod your own case or buy a bottom from a newer one. Id mod it, its cooler, but take
your time. Just MAKE SURE THE LCD WILL WORK! That I dont know, I wlll look though, but
I will be gone for the next 8 days.
By the way, I have the take a part photos for that iBook on digital from mine-its for an ever
up coming iMusic Server mod. Let me know and Ill send you pics.