I love my trusty B&W, its given me loyal service for 5 years now, but it isn't getting any younger. It is mostly used by my wife for web, itunes and pictures. I want it to last through the end of the year without any major upgrades. So to that end I bought a 120 gb hard drive for it today. Its current specs are: Sonnet G3 500 mhz, 512 mb ram, the original 16 mb video card and the stock 9 gig SCSI drive and a second 20 gig EIDE drive, those drives are stuffed to the gills with about 1-4 gig total available.... Staples has a special on a Maxtor 7200 rpm 120 Gb drive with the 8mb buffer for $59!!! find it here:


I figure the extra space will give Ol' Blue enough breathing room to keep its ghost for a while. I want to buy my wife an iMac g5 around Xmas and then go nuts modding the B&W. (look honey, it glows in the dark!)

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