Man, Krusher, I so absolutely have to disagree with you there.

MCE is a relatively well known name in third party Mac parts, but my dealings with them in the last year have been less than exemplary.

In the last year, they've taken weeks to get me product, regardless of how quickly I needed it, and were unable to explain why it took months to get drives. We received drives that were dead on arrival, and in several cases, sent back drives we had ordered, only to find that the replacements were also dead. In some cases, two and three times in a row. In several other cases, we were unable to get the system to even recognize the drive, patchburn be damned. Now, I dunno about you, but when the drive I order for a customer is bad, thats one thing. But when three consecutive replacement drives for the same customer are also bad, that says something.

At this point, my shop does not order from MCE. They didnt take care of us as a customer, and as a business, and therefore, we wont retail their products to others.

We've had good luck getting stuff from Other World Computing, and Fast Mac, both of whom I recommend. But as I said, my shop no longer sells MCE stuff due to their inability to be unreliable. If they treat their dealers this poorly, I dont wanna know how they take care of the retail customers..
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