Hey gang! Sorry to have been absent from the goings on, but life gets the better of us all sometimes. Unfortunately an elderly grandmother comes before modding.

Anyway, I managed to get into the garage this week, and have two new bits of work for everyone to look over and give thoughts on.

First up, I finally bit the bullet and conquered the Ti-Book. Its one of the few I've not gotten to. Since the screen is a pain to get apart, I've been wary of masking it. But, I nailed it I think. Now, before anyone slams the paint selection, not that it wasnt my choice. My little sister is turning 21 a month from the 17th, and I'm flying to portland to see her. She's been wanting a powerbook for ages, so I built her one out of spare parts. She always asks for yellow and white, so I ran with it. The unit was primed and then painted with Auto Air's Metallic White (Fine), and their Pearlescent Yellow. It was then clearcoated. The link to this amazingly garish beast is:


Yeah, I know. It, uh, well...very yellow. But, Its for my sister, and I cant do her wrong.

Second up is an iBook for my friend Tony B. Tony has a thing for hotrods, like I do, and is a fan of tribal graphics and such. He asked me if I could do a candy fade. Having never done a fade before, I said, "Of course, I can! Look who you're talkin to!" Heh, lying through my teeth.Anyway, He chose Auto Air's Candy Orange, and Candy Sunset. the darker fading into the lighter. He also wanted some tribal graphics, in the Interference Blue. Well, I got in the garage, and I laid down a pretty fine fade. Not perfect mind you, but I thought it came out good. Good enough in fact, that I needed to post pictures before I sprayed tribal graphics and clear coated the unit. Bear in mind that the pictures linked below are NOT clear coated, so they still look very flat.


So have at it and lemme know what you think! All thoughts, both positive and negative are more than welcome.
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