ubergeek89 wrote:
First of all, The hard drive in your performa uses an interface known as SCSI .

It had a SCSI optical, though the HDD was in fact IDE. As for the display, a $2 adaptor will fix that, and if you can't find one, you can make an adaptor to VGA. It was a good machine, a 160mhz 603e processor I believe. The easiest method aside from shelling out for an external USB case is, like ubergeek suggested, is file sharing. I would setup the iMac to get all of the files off of the 6360 using AppleTalk.

Also to note, I would leave the smaller drive in the 6360 because it will not be capable of running much and for that machine 1gb is quite large. Be a bit generous and leave 32mb of RAM so OS 9.1 can be installed.

I'm glad your donating the machine since you do not have any other uses for it now.

Why I edited :: "The easiest method aside from shelling out for an external SCSI case is.." was put in; meant to say USB. I had a flashback to taking apart machines and using a super old SCSI external while writing. Sorry about any confusion.

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