Hey Guys,

Here is my situation:

I will be upgrading to a Strawberry iMac 333 some time within the next month. I have files on my old Performa 6360 that I'd like to keep, like abandonware games, MP3s, all of my apps, etc. The Performa also has an Ethernet controller. However, I do not have a monitor for it, which knd of makes it harder to network the two machines, and I also do not wish to rip the iMac apart just to momentarily install the other hard drive. How should I transfer files other than purchasing the Disc Jockey hard disk backup/RAID tool?

I also came up with an idea:
Maybe I should swap the two hard drives, and leave the hard drive with the least amount of gigs in the Performa...

Basically, what I want to do to prepare the Performa for donation is put the original 8x CD-ROM back in, remove my 64 meg RAM module, the L2 cache...

To make a long story short, I want to donate the Performa exactly as it was the day we purchased it in 1996. Stripped it to the original specs, with the exception of Mac OS 8.6 being on the hard drive, or at least System 7.5.x.

If anyone can help me with my quandary, let me know.


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