okay, so I like the metal base idea as well. If you can make friends with your local independent apple dealer, they might be able to rder the backplate from a G5 iMac for you. Course, then you gotta tear apart the stuffs to put the whole project together.

In terms of the 20" dell beast. I bought one, and use it in my 3 display setup. Its pretty well built, and my initial impression was that taking it apart would be a bit of a bitch. its got built in USB garbage, multiple ins and outs, all the ports are on the bottom, oh, and its got orientation hardware, so it'll know if you have it portrait or landscape. (yeah, it rotates)

So the dell one may not be the best pick for tearing apart. But thats my opinion. If you get an apple theme'd homebuilt display made, remember to post it, we'll all wanna see it!
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