Hello everyone, I work with Onezumi on Onezumi.com. We got hit with a ton of stuff after this contest ended so we haven't had alot of time to read or post on many forums recently, but I wanted to stop by and give you guys an update on the mod Onezumi created. The winner of the iPod contest has posted a followup to receiving the iPod Shuffle and it is posted on our Harknell.com forum site for our webcomic Onezumi.com, you can see the entry here.
Onezumi has told me that if she tries another mod it will probably be more of a custom vinyl or plastic skin overlay like they make at a number of "skinning" sites. If anyone is interested in artwork for something like this Onezumi does take commissions, just send an email to us from any of the website email contact links and we'll get back to you.

(BTW Onezumi is really looking at Modding her iBook Pink, if that happens we'll post pictures)