Umm I'm sorry to say but who accually uses WMA?. Smaller file sized compromizes audio quality unless your used to low quality audio devices.even AAC has its downsides (though it is the best compressed format by far). This is a little off topic, but listen to a high quality professionally recorded standard audio cd on a stndard stero cd deck with an 80's analog amp and equilizer and there is simply no comparison. Digital formats are good simply for their portability. (i'm not going to be carring around my yamaha natural sound receiver from 1979 and my sound shaper 24 from 1984 and a cd deck though it would be a helluva mod). But my point is WMA has no comparison to cd quality no matter how high the bitrate is. Lately I've ripped my cd's at 192kbps AAC and they sound ok.

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