Ok, setting up a RAID 1 is easy enough, so that is not the entire question here. Basically I have a 200 GB and 160 GB SATA Disks. Both of which are full at the moment. I have taken the 200 GB drive and partitioned it so that the additional 40GB is usable after the RAID is setup. So, I have 2 x 160 GB partitions to RAID. I want to set these up in a RAID 1, but here is the catch. I don't want to lose the data that I have on one of the partitions. In other words, I want to setup the RAID while maintaining the data on one of the partitions and mirroring it over to the other.

I had a look at Apple Disk Utility and didn't really see any options for this. I thought that it might ask after hitting the create button but I was afraid. I CAN NOT LOSE THIS DATA! I have backed up a majority of it on an external HD but this drive has other data on it so it won't hold it all.

Should I be looking at using another application or is there a trick to this, or will Apple Disk Utility do it. Has anyone done something like this? I did some searching on google and was unable to come up with anything useful. :huh:
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