i found that as a the main teaser along with the G4 thread in

if you use that josehk's site and just visualize all that happeneing on a DA'll be fine.

notice the 2nd entry labelled "12V power to 4th mount point"
i followed that to a T

here's my basic instruction set

1) open chasis and ground yourself
2) remove heatsink and old procesor
3) unscrew old DA processor (3 screws pyramid desgin)
4) insert NEW screw plus nut onto 4th hole as shown
5) reinstall QS processor...note...the screws align board+ZIF slot is on one side only
6) screw down processor
7) tap a YELLOW lead and run a line to the post you created with the screw/nut combo
( i personally would just go out and buy a standard MOLEX extension cable-$3.99 and cut all the leads out but 12Vyellow and run it from an internal plug to the post. i crimped a cap just like the website shows.)
8) screw down wire to post with another nut
9) place heatsink on QS processor
11)'ll hear the startup chime!

prep time = find a QS module with a matching heatsink....tough!
work time = maybe 10 minutes, if that!

if you guys need anymore help....give me a shout out....i love mods!