I've heard some say that there is an internal USB port in the iBook and others say that there is not. So I got a hold of the iBook service manual and was looking at the block diagram which says that the Modem and the BTO Bluetooth module is connected via a 12 Mbps USB, so I looked at the bluetooth section and it connects with four wires. Red, Black (Power), Green, Yellow (Data) into a board. Is this not the same as the wires in USB? So I was thinking that it might be possible to attach an ordinary and CHEAP usb bluetooth module and plug it in there by soldering a few wires together. I also wonder if it would work with any other devices (although I am not sure how useful they may be).

My iBook is still under warranty so I'm not going to open it but wanted to throw the idea out there and have somebody else try it. Tell me your thoughts and if you got it to work!